Almost two years ago, Leah was led to complete a Diploma of Remedial Massage as she was fed up of feeling constant tightness and discomfort in her body. As she has now experienced the power of Remedial Massage in relieving pain, it has become her passion to share this freedom from discomfort with each of her clients. 

Leah is driven to guide and educate her clients through their journey towards a life free of the restriction of discomfort. She enjoys utilising evidence-based practices, including a range of Remedial Massage techniques, stretching, take home advice and education.

Since joining Alara Womens Health, Leah has been enlightened to the effectiveness and efficiency of dry needling and is currently completing her Advanced Dry Needling Course. 

In her free time, Leah enjoys making the most of her life. Whether that’s pushing herself in the gym, letting creativity flow through dancing, creating or writing or exploring different genres of music. Leah also values spending time in nature and her quality time with family and friends.