Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a very effective way to move excess lymph fluid from affected tissues in congested areas back into circulation via the lymph nodes.

The benefits for Lymphoedema patients are:

  • Swollen areas are decongested,
  • Hardened tissues are softened, and
  • Lymph nodes in healthy regions of the body are cleared repeatedly to receive excess fluid from the oedema-affected areas.

Lymphatic Drainage is often referred to as massage. However it is very different to remedial massage or the type of massage you may receive from a beauty therapist.

The specialised technique uses very light, repetitive and slow movements. Manual Lymphatic Drainage should never be painful. In fact most women say it is very soothing.

Our remedial Massage Therapist, Alison Edge are qualified in the Casley-Smith method for Manual Lymphatic Drainage and have many years’ experience in clinical practice. You will be in expert hands in her care.

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