You may think during your cancer treatment you need purely rest, but research shows that exercise benefits most people with cancer during and after their treatment.

During your treatment you may be experiencing several symptoms including fatigue, anaemia, decreased quality of life, loss of muscle strength, loss of bone strength, lymphoedema and heart problems. Therefore, it’s imperative you receive quality help within this time to mitigate side effects continuing once you have finished treatment. We can help you by managing lymphoedema, tracking your muscle and bone health, developing an individualised exercise program where you can complete individually or within a supervised environment at our clinic.

After your cancer treatment exercise can help combat some of the side effects, improve the recovery process, improve quality of life and social connection. The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) reported that exercise should be prescribed to all cancer patients as a standard part of cancer care to manage and help the effects of treatment.

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