Empowering women through knowledge & movement

At Central Coast Physiolates our philosophy is focused on our vision, which is to ‘empower women through knowledge and movement’. This vision is central to everything we do.

There is so much silence surrounding important issues like bladder leakage, bowel issues, sex, chronic pelvic pain, gynecological cancers, pelvic organ prolapse and limb swelling post cancer surgery, to name just a few so-called ‘uncomfortable issues’. People just don’t talk about those things. And yet they are a lot more common than many people realise.

Don’t suffer in silence

At Central Coast Physiolates we are deeply committed to removing the stigma around women’s issues and caring for you with respect, discretion and total professionalism.

We firmly believe that knowledge is power. So we do more than just treat your symptoms.  We educate you to understand your body, so you can learn to take control of your own health and wellbeing through movement, core stability and postural awareness.

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