Physiolates Class

A specific Pilates class run by our physiotherapists or exercise physiologists. This class focuses on pelvic floor strength, abdominal strength, developing expert movement patterns and core connection. It focuses on continuing your physical rehabilitation, pelvic floor rehab, and injury prevention in a group setting where you are given specific guidance.

Pilates Group Class

A group Pilates class run by our accredited Pilates instructors. This class is a combination of Mat and Reformer focusing on body strength, movement, and flexibility.

Pilates Mat

A group Pilates class run by our accredited Pilates instructors. This class is focused on improving body strength and flexibility on the mat, involving a variety of exercises laying down, sitting, and standing.

Pilates Reformer

A group Pilates class run by our accredited Pilates instructors. This class utilises the reformer equipment to connect with your body, strengthening with different resistance styles.

Postnatal Pilates

Postnatal Pilates Guided by our women’s health physiotherapists or exercise physiologists with evidence-based knowledge in postnatal rehab. This class focuses on the important early postnatal period and progression into independent exercise for our other classes. We focus on pelvic floor, breath, and core connection. All babies welcome.

Pregnancy Pilates

A class run by our women’s health exercise physiologists or physiotherapists with specific knowledge in pregnancy. This class focuses on continuing exercise and movement throughout the pregnancy journey. Teaching the breath & pelvic floor connection, postural awareness, and birthing skills. With management of your aches and pains throughout, we will prepare you and your body for birth, and the best possible post-partum recovery.

Cancer Rehab

Run by our exercise physiologists and physiotherapists, it is a group class focusing on continuous exercise rehabilitation for those who have undergone treatment for any cancer, are currently going through treatment and may have trouble exercising independently.

Neuro Rehab

A group class guided by our exercise physiologist or physiotherapist, it is aimed to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, and coordination for those affected by neurological conditions such as MS, stroke and more.

Strength and Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning class focus on using exercise prescription to improve performance in your overall sport or activities of daily living. this is achieved through a combination of pelvic floor and core strength, aerobic conditioning, and functional movement patterns. This class is a nice progression from one of our other classes where you may want to include weight training or other forms of activity. It is run by our physiotherapist.

Physio Pilates
2:1 or 1:1

A one-on-one session or a duet session run by our physiotherapist or exercise physiologist. This provides a tailored very individualised approach for those women wanting or requiring specific rehabilitation to achieve their goals. For example, these classes can provide specific Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) rehab, pelvic organ prolapse post operative surgery rehab, or any other specific condition which we may be treating.

Pilates 1:1

Instructed by our accredited Pilates instructor, this one-on-one session is perfect for those wanting a tailored exercise program and developing body strength, movement and flexibility.

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