Birth Debrief: Our Midwife can chat through your birth experience with you and your partner and explain decisions that may have been made that you find hard to understand. She can help to debrief the shock that may come with a rapid birth, a sick baby or any other unexpected scenario. She can chat through the feelings that you may be having and help to advocate with you if you feel you need to address an issue with your healthcare providers. Our Midwife can also help to prepare you for a subsequent birth when anxiety from a previous birth is strong.

Sleep and settling: Our Midwife can help with newborns through to pre-schoolers with sleep and settling. From weaning to sleeping through, colic issues, settling techniques, day sleeps and more. You will receive a plan that is tailored to your parenting style and your family situation. You’ll have tools to help you through and the confidence to guide your little one into a good sleep pattern.

Feeding: Our Midwife can help with both breast and bottle-feeding issues right through to starting solids and fussy eating issues.
Pregancy : Our Midwife can guide you through your birth preparation from natural breathing and positioning to the medical issues that may arise such as induction and caesarean section. You and your partner can come with all your questions and concerns and our Midwife will work them through with you, so you feel mentally strong and ready for your birth.

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