Compression Garments for ongoing Lymphoedema management

Compression garments are both a management and prevention strategy for Lympheodema patients.

They help to:

  • Reduce swelling,
  • Move fluid away from the affected area and towards the torso,
  • Provide a counter force for muscles to contract against, and
  • Prevent the skin from stretching further, delaying further fluid build-up.

There are many types of compression garments available and they can either be made to measure or purchased off the shelf. Either way, your compression garment must be comfortable to wear, as an ill-fitting garment may do more harm than good.

We recommend coming in to have your garment expertly fitted and replacing it every 6 months as the garment becomes less effective when it starts to stretch from wear and tear.

For best results, your compression garment should be worn daily, especially when you exercise.

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