Are you preparing for or recovering from pelvic surgery?

 Did you know that hysterectomy is the most common surgery performed on women? Surgery may also be required to resolve a serious pelvic organ prolapse or treat the range of gynaecological cancers that account for 9.4% of all cancers diagnosed in women. This includes cancers of the cervix, fallopian tubes, ovary, placenta, uterus (endometrium), vagina and vulva.

Helping you prepare for your pelvic surgery

For any surgery, the better prepared you are physically and emotionally, the better the outcome. Treatment by a Physiotherapist who specialises in women’s health and pelvic care will help you prepare your body to ensure you are in the best possible condition before surgery takes place. It will also give you confidence going into surgery and help ensure a faster recovery and a better long-term outcome.

Helping you return to normal active life after pelvic surgery

Pelvic surgery can adversely affect your pelvic floor muscles. Some women can experience problems such as painful sex or bladder leakage without help to restore optimal pelvic floor and abdominal muscle function.

When radiation is required, the treatment can cause scar tissue to form, which can also play havoc with your pelvic floor muscles.

How can we help?

We teach you how to:

  • Safely and correctly strengthen your pelvic floor pre and post surgery.
  • Restore optimal pelvic floor and abdominal muscle function.
  • Address scarring and tightness associated with radiation treatment for gynaecological
  • Advise you on recommended lifestyle modifications during the post-operative period to optimise recovery and fast track your return to normal daily activities.

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