Incontinence affects 1 in 4 women, and then 1 in 2 women who exercise. Usually, the worse it is the more of a barrier to exercise it is, and women find it isolating and embarrassing. Anywhere from 28-52% of athletes have some form on incontinence and it is specifically worse during jumping, running, and lifting activities. Therefore, this encompasses a variety of different sports where incontinence is common, such as: gymnastics, ballet, basketball, Olympic weightlifting, cross fit and running and many more.

How does a women’s health physiotherapist help with this? We need to determine your individual risk with an examination and identify your genetics, hormones, muscle coordination and function, tissue health, stress, diet, and toileting habits, as all these factors play a huge role. You do not need to give up exercise as together we will identify and rehabilitate your body.

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