Private Consultation with our Midwife

Our Midwife can see YOU and YOUR BABY in her PRIVATE ROOMS at Alara Women’s health Tuggerah!
A 1 hour appointment can be for:
Prenatal birth preparation
Talking through your birth (birth debrief)
Solving sleep and settling issues (up to 3 years old)
Colic issues
Feeding support 
Or simply reassurance that you’re on the right track.
Baby Scales available


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Hypnobirthing Course run by our Midwife

Hypnobirthing is about giving you a positive birth experience!
It’s about enabling you to be in control of your birthing experience, both mentally and physically.
The course is designed to equip you, over 12 hrs of face-to-face training, to understand the birth process and the tools you can use to enjoy the birthing experience mentally and physically.
Through your new skills in self-hypnosis, you will have the ability to bring yourself into a deep state of relaxation, enabling you to remain calm and positive throughout your birth.
You and your birth support partner will learn many tools and techniques. By learning and practicing these tools and techniques, your fears are settled, and your endorphins can be enabled to do their amazing work during your birthing experience.
The program is designed for all scenarios, you may be a first-time mum or not, you may have blood pressure concerns, you may have diabetes, you may be wanting an epidural, there may be a chance of a caesarean section. You can still benefit greatly from the program.
You will learn about the many different scenarios that may occur during your birth and with each option, you will have the tools to remain calm and positive.
We will explore, breathing, massage, visualisation, relaxation, acupressure, and many more techniques.

As a midwife, I truly respect the medical interventions that have saved many lives, but I am also concerned about the ever-increasing rate of intervention in childbirth over the last 25 years, with no improvement to medical outcomes. I think we can help many more women to experience the incredible and beautiful processes of birth without unnecessary intervention.

How does Hypnobirthing Australia help with that goal? Hypnobirthing mothers have less intervention, decreased epidural rates, decreased c/section rates, decreased episiotomy rates and decreased morphine use.

But my greatest drive is the decrease in birth trauma with hypnobirthing mums, both mentally and physically. Over the 25 years I have been practicing, the greatest concern for me is birth trauma. The Hypnobirthing Australia program has an incredible drive to create a truly positive birthing experience, no matter how you birth your beautiful baby.
Not only will you enjoy 12 hrs face-to-face time with Jen, a midwife, you will have access to many hypnotherapy tracks to use in preparation, throughout your birth and beyond. You will also have access to excellent, evidence-based research on many topics including induction, cord clamping, breech babies, big babies, vaginal examinations, birth positions, surge breathing and so much more.
Parents find it so helpful to “cut out the noise” and listen to one, reliable, evidence based, positive support.
I’m really looking forward to walking on this journey with you.
I have popped the link below to the FAQ page of Hypnobirthing Australia to answer all your questions.

When’s the best time to do the course?
The best time to do the course is between 22-32 weeks in your pregnancy. This gives you plenty of time to practice the techniques that you have learned to prepare yourself beautifully for your birth.

Dates for 2024
Course is over 2 Saturdays 9am – 4pm
Feb 3rd + 10th
March 23rd + April 6th
May 11th + 25th
June 15th + 22nd
July 27th + Aug 3rd
and more to come…

* To Book into the Hypnobirthing course call our team on 4365 5850