Growing a baby inside your body isn’t easy!

Your tummy and pelvic floor are put under increasing pressure as your baby grow’s and then following your birth. Not only are these parts changing, but your spine is changing and adjusting to the baby’s growth, you will have pelvic changes and rib position changes. This can all result in pelvic and back pain, reduced tummy and pelvic floor strength, core strength reduction and fatigue.

Our aim is to get you feeling strong and confident again. Our pregnancy classes are specifically designed to help you manage any ache’s or pains you may be experiencing, allow you to exercise in a happy environment with pregnancy safe exercises, improve pelvic floor and abdominal strength and learn birth skills to reduce birth trauma.

Every birth is different, but every birth needs rehabilitation. Whether you would like to return to walking, the gym, running or high-level sport, every woman should have a return to exercise plan to ensure continue to have the best pelvic health outcomes.

Birth can result in pelvic floor damage, scar tissue, weakness, abdominal separation and ongoing pain. It sounds scary but we are here to help. Our postnatal class is suited for any women from 4-6 weeks postnatal. We recommend a women’s health physiotherapist initial assessment to gain a detailed history of your birth story and ongoing goals. If you are further along in your postnatal journey, not too worry, these classes aid in restabilising pelvic floor connection, abdominal and core rehab and help you transition back to the gym, running, sport, or any thing else you may want to do.

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