Maddie completed her bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Newcastle with Honours in 2020.
Since the completion of her degree, she has worked in Private Practice mastering her Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy skills whilst studying her specialty interest…Women’s health!

Women’s sport, health and fitness is a massive part of Maddie’s life, and was the drive behind her becoming a Physiotherapist.

Throughout her career she has worked with a lot of high level sporting athletes so she understands the complexities and challenges Women may face when it comes to fitness and sport. Her extensive training in both Sport and Women’s health means that she understands that every woman has unique and specific needs, at unique and specific times of their life and more often than not, these needs have a Pelvic health component.

We are all aware that movement is an important part of life throughout every stage. Whether it be puberty, pregnancy, birth, post natal rehabilitation or menopause, Maddie will provide you with the knowledge and support to gain or regain the confidence you need to get back the type of movement you love… or need.

Choosing Maddie as your Physiotherapist to help you with some of the obstacles that life may present means you have access to the latest evidence based research for how to keep you moving and functioning to the best of your ability. Treatment involves both hands-on therapy and guided exercise prescription. Maddie runs Pilates and strength and conditioning classes for those that like to work weekly with a Physio in a group setting.

Maintaining your health and fitness and love of sport during your lifetime is important to both your mental and physical health and who better to be supported by than someone that shares this passion with you.

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