Pregnancy massage benefits and why you should try one today!

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Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, there are many changes within a woman’s body. Some of these changes are physical and emotional, not to forget all those increased hormones flying around. Some women can find this time stressful, uncomfortable, and filled with many aches and pains along the way. The great news is that massage is the perfect way to help support a women’s body on many different levels, making it a great option to help manage overall health and well-being.

Using a combination of relaxation, remedial, and other massage techniques, massage is an effective treatment in helping target those common pregnancy aches and pains. The treatment is usually 1 hour, tailored to your current trimester and needs.

There are many benefits of pregnancy massage, including;

Improved sleep patterns

The soothing effect of massage on our central nervous system work wonders at increasing serotonin. This leads to a night of much more restful sleep and helping those experiencing insomnia.

Relief from muscle soreness and pain

Pregnancy can produce many aches, pains, and those awful cramps as you progress through the different trimesters. Massage improves circulation and blood flow and is an excellent aid for relieving cramps and targeting pain areas.

Reduction in excess fluid

Oedema (excess fluid) is often common in the legs, hands, and feet during pregnancy due to the increased pressure on the uterus. Incorporating specific massage techniques can help drain fluid, often helping with cramps and fatigue.

Increased relaxation while reducing anxiety and stress

Massage is a great way to relieve overall stress and tension due to the calming and relaxing rhythm of movements creating the much-needed time out our minds and bodies often need.

Mother and baby connection

Creates a connectiveness with mother and growing bub, along with a sense and awareness of self.

Helps manage hormones and blood pressure

Massage helps with the release of hormones which help our endocrine and hormonal systems regulate correctly and, in turn, help with lowering blood pressure.


Jess, our therapist, is trained in pre and postnatal treatments and will adapt your treatment to suit your pregnancy stage while supporting you throughout your pregnancy journey.