Pilates for Lymphoedema

Lymphoedema is a disease of the Lymphatic system most commonly resulting in chronic swelling of a limb or limbs.  It can however also affect the face, torso or genitals.

Prevalence in our country results from cancer related treatments (i.e. breast, ovarian, prostate or bowel) where parts of the lymphatic system have been removed, blocked by scar tissue or affected by radiotherapy.  The damaged vessels are unable to move the fluid on their own without help.  Lymphoedema can also be present in those affected by inflammatory disease, circulatory problems or decreased mobility.

Exercises therefore (usually alongside lymphatic drainage and garment use) is paramount in helping the fluid move.  The muscle pumping and correct breathing techniques for a functioning core help drive the fluid to a working vessel for clearance.

Our Physiotherapist has trained extensively in Lymphoedema, Cancer Rehabilitation and Pilates and is excited to help you on your recovery journey.

At Central Coast Physiolates we offer:

  • Graded exercise programs tailored to individuals needs
  • Correct breath training
  • Targeted core specific training
  • Guided training that leads to correct biomechanical movement
  • Exercise to decrease pain levels and increase energy

Our allied health professionals have completed the highest level of training in Lymphoedema and cancer-related surgery rehabilitation programs.

For more information on Pilates for Lymphoedema, contact us today.