A Lymphoedema prevention tool

Secondary Lymphoedema is the most common post treatment complication for cancer patients. Both men and women are at risk of developing lymphoedema if they have had surgery, radiation treatment or Taxane-based chemotherapy.

The SOZO uses new technology, which aids in early detection of lymphoedema. At risk patients receive a baseline measurement, preferably before treatment and then after treatment, detecting fluid build up in an at-risk limb, compared to a healthy limb.

Taking only 30seconds to measure, the SOZO uses noninvasive bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS), which detects fluid changes as small as 36ml (2.4 tablespoons).

Recently published interim results from the PREVENT Trial showed that this early detection combined with at-home intervention using standard compression therapy can reduce the progression of lymphoedema by 95%.

Body Composition Analyser – Take control of your Health & Fitness

What can it measure?

  • Body composition – Fat, Water and Tissue percentages
  • Fluid Status
  • Hydration levels

Regular measurements can be taken to ensure you are training at your peak level or monitor your weight loss journey. Make an appointment today.

We can even bring the machine to you! If you are in the medical profession or your gym would like to ad the SOZO to their services, call us to organise a day where we can bring the SOZO to you and your patients/clients.

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