Scar Tissue Release (McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release – MSTR)

Scars may have a huge influence on our presenting problems.

They can cause:

  • restrictions in the fascia
  • reduction in blood and lymph flow
  • weaken muscular strength
  • reduce the flow of energy
  • inhibit joint movement                                                                                  

They may feel and look unpleasant and may even upset us emotionally due to the traumatic events that created them. Fortunately help is at hand…

MSTR is an innovative and effective hands on therapy for the treatment of scar tissue. No force is involved and the work is always applied within your tolerance.

Collagen fibres from scars are tightly compacted and disorganised. We gently untangle and remodel the fibres of the scar, helping them become organised, softer and less restricted.

We can work on most scars:

Post surgical: eg C section, mastectomy, appendectomy, tummy tucks, hysterectomy, lymph node removal and many more

Scars from injury: eg compound fractures, cuts, self harm scars.


Ali and Jess are trained MSTR Practitioners. Ali is also the NSW MSTR instructor.

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